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Wednesday, October 6 2010

Poor Fairy !

a little crop on the fairy

and some work in progress :

3D / Photography : Waldo LEE
Art Director : Benjamin LEBRETON
Model : Leanna

Tuesday, October 5 2010


This one is quite old but never had the time to really finish it. So here it is :

Graffruiti Apple

and a close up on the apple :

Graffruiti Apple Close Up

3D / Photography : Waldo LEE (www.walee.com)
: Vanya
MakeUp : Beatrice ENI (beatriceeni.free.fr)
HairStyle : Emeline OLIVER

Monday, September 6 2010

LiriSystem Album Cover

Here's the cover of the upcoming album of LiriSystem. You can listen to their music on their myspace : http://www.myspace.com/lirisystemclick

LiriSystem Cover

and here are a few shot for the photo session :

LiriSystem Groupe
LiriSystem HME2
LiriSystem double
LiriSystem double

Tuesday, August 31 2010

Mariée Magazine Photoshoot

here's a photoshoot i did for "Mariée Magazine" (a french magazine about bride), the issue just got out so here are the pictures. Enjoy !

Mariée Magazine 01-02
Mariée Magazine 03
Mariée Magazine 04
Mariée Magazine 05-06
Mariée Magazine 07
Mariée Magazine 08
Mariée Magazine 09
Mariée Magazine 10

Artistic Direction: Mario FAUNDEZ (www.3emeface.com)
Photography: Waldo LEE (www.walee.com)
Model: Lucie (http://www.hourraparis.com/lucie.php)
Model: Kelsie (http://www.hourraparis.com/kelsie.php)
MakeUp Artist: Marie Girbouin
Hair: Antoine Wauquier
Special Thanks: to the 3emeface crew, and Victoria for her Tea Set

Thursday, May 27 2010


a new image for DOLCE GUSTO :


3D - Waldo LEE (walee.com)
Photography - Marc DA CUNHA LOPES (marcdacunhalopes.com)
Retouching - ASILE (asile-paris.com)
AD - Charles LEFRANQ

Monday, May 10 2010

I got my issue of BRIGHT

Bright Issue 33

Bright Issue 33

Bright Issue 33

Wednesday, April 28 2010


Alia Kremer 01

Alia Kremer 02

Alia Kremer 03

Alia Kremer 04

Alia Kremer 05

Alia Kremer 06

Alia Kremer 07

Alia Kremer 08

Alia Kremer 09

Alia Kremer 10

Alia Kremer 11

Alia Kremer 12

Photography: Waldo LEE (www.walee.com)
Stylism: Alia KREMER (www.aliajkremer.book.fr)
Make-Up: Béatrice ENI (beatriceeni.free.fr) / Nadeen MATEKY c/o Trends'Studio
Hair Style: Fanny MORIN (www.artrfanvision.book.fr) / Nadeen MATEKY c/o Trends'Studio
Models: Leanna / Thaly (www.thaly.book.fr)
Photo Assistant: Daji (coeur.pour.choeur.free.fr)

Tuesday, April 27 2010


Blackrylic 01

Blackrylic 02

Photography / 3D - Waldo LEE (www.walee.com)
Model - Lea (www.elegantshadow.com)
Make-up - Béatrice ENI (beatriceeni.free.fr)
Logo Design - BUNKA (www.bunkadesign.com)

Monday, April 26 2010

BRIGHT Magazine

Illustration for BRIGHT, a magazine from Nederland which could be described has mix of WIRED and WALLPAPER magazine.

Bright MAgazine illustration

here's a screen grab of their internet website, and if you subscribe to their magazine you'll even a get a big poster of my illustration.

Bright Magazine Internet

And you can see a video preview of the current issue here : http://www.bright.nl/bright-33

Friday, April 16 2010

Style Needs No Color - DÜSSELDORF

Here's the piece i did for the first date of the SNNC expo :

SNNC canvas

and picture from the gallery :

SNNC dusseldorf

You will find some more pictures on the pretty portal gallery website : http://www.prettyportal.de/blog/datum/2010/04/14/vernissage-style-needs-no-color-1/ and also on the official SNNC facebook : http://www.facebook.com/styleneedsnocolor

Thursday, April 8 2010

Style Needs No Color

I was kindly invited to participate to this collective expo in Germany. It will tour around Germany and you can find the different dates on the flyer below. And for more info be sure to check the official website www.snnc.de. It will start this Friday (9th April 2010) in Düsseldorf.

and here's a preview of the canvas i submitted.

Monday, February 15 2010

Tattoo Serie 2 - The Air

So here's the final image from the tattoo elements serie.

WALEE Tattoo Series 2 - Sahe

Wednesday, January 20 2010

The Geisha

Photography - Waldo LEE (www.walee.com)
Model - Leanna CHEA
Make-up - Catherine KADERI (www.pressbook.com/catherine-kaderi)
Hair Stylist - Sonia

Tuesday, January 19 2010


Photography - Waldo LEE (www.walee.com)
Make-up - Beatrice ENI (beatriceeni.free.fr)
Model - Leanna

Thursday, January 14 2010

ORANGE - we can reach any audience

3D - Waldo LEE
Art Director - Nicolas Ermakoff

Monday, January 11 2010


Here's a photo i took to promote the new Soundlicious Tshirt designed by my friend BUNKA (www.bunkadesign.com). If you are interested in buying the tshirt (XL, L, M size for men, and a Girl size for women) you can go to this website if you live in France: http://www.soundlicious.com/shop/index-TSHIRTS.html

if you don't live in France and you are still interested, drop me an email (situated in the contact section of my website) and i'll see what i can do.


Thursday, December 24 2009

LIMITED PRINT coming to the online shop

So here's a refreshing news : limited print of my art will be available soon and here's a preview of the first print.

35x50cm canvas (2cm thick)
100% cotton base
archival quality inks
limited edition of 20 pieces
Each print is hand signed by me

If you are interested feel free to drop me an email.

Merry Xmas to you all.

Flying Book Canvas

Flying Book Canvas

Flying Book Canvas

Wednesday, December 16 2009


some new stuff ... more to come pretty soon

WALEE - LIPS - Purple 02

WALEE - LIPS - Purple 03

WALEE - LIPS - Purple 01

model: Leanna
makeup: Beatrice Eni (beatriceeni.free.fr)

Monday, November 16 2009

Naive New Beaters - Sample CD

Yeah ! i finally received a sample of the CD of the NNBS. .The cover still looks good :P.

NNBS Sample CD

Tuesday, October 20 2009

Chaos ? 2010 ?

new project for 2010 ?

Chaos Teaser

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